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From a tremendous selection of well-maintained cars to no-haggle deals, there are many reasons to love buying a car through us. Seems we´re not the only ones who think so.

Check out what some of our satisfied customers had to say.

Being self-employed and running a company I found the idea of needing to take time off from work to buy a car impossible. I couldn’t afford to miss working with my clients and not be paid. At the time, I’d been renting a car for about a month and mentioned to the manager at the Avis where I’d been renting that I needed to go look for a new car but didn’t have the time, he said, «You should consider our Ultimate Test Drive Program. You’ll never even have to go to a dealership.» The idea sounded too good to be true but to exciting not to give it a try. I called them the next day and got in touch with my wonderful rep Jennifer. From the very beginning she was focussed on making me feel comfortable and making sure she found the right car that was the right fit for me. I was very specific, I needed a certain kind of vehicle in a certain color and within a couple of days she found me the exact car I wanted. Next I submitted my application over the phone and was able to email all my documentation. I could have test driven the car first but I didn’t want to waste time test driving a car I couldn’t get approved for. Within a few days I got a call telling me I was approved for the exact car I wanted. I was able to then go to the Avis that was closest to me and pick up the car for a free 2 hour unaccompanied test drive. After driving I called Jennifer and told her I wanted to keep the car and she told me to just keep it and take it home and she’d handle the paperwork and just like that, the car was mine. I NEVER stepped foot into a dealership, they even sent a notary to meet me to sign the paperwork in ANOTHER state because I was out of town. I loved the fact that during the entire process Jennifer always called me when it was convenient for me, even though I was in LA and she was in Florida it never felt like it because we always talked around my schedule, whether it was day or night. I love my new car and I love IFS. No pressure, no hassles, no haggling and most importantly no sitting in a dealership for hours! I know this all sounds too good to be true, but it is true! Thanks Auto Nation you have a customer for life.

Brandee W,
Los Angeles, CA

As you know, we lost two cars, including a Lincoln town car, during the Sandy storm. We were able to rent another town car at Budget in Hempstead NY, near our home in Garden City. It was quite similar to the one we lost. We were going to spent a month in Ft Lauderdale, and decided to drive the rented car.

Just before leaving, I learned that I could purchase rented cars through the IFS Auto-Buying Service. Very fortunately for me, you answered the telephone. This was the beginning of the excellent service that I received from you continuously in Florida, and most coincidentally your office was less than a mile from my motel. You found out that my rented car could be purchased which was great news for my wife and me.

I am almost 80 years old, and you were extremely patient with me, such as answering a myriad of basic questions and explaining the procedures that I had to accomplish in order to complete the car purchase. In fact, with my limited computer knowledge, you sat next to me with instructions how to arrange a bank transfer online for the car payment. You arranged a paint touch up for marks on the truck bumper and sent us off with the required documents to drive back to New York.

The best evidence of competence is when someone becomes a repeat customer. I have already discussed with you the possibility of replacing the second car lost in the storm, namely, a Mustang convertible.

I hope you will share these comments with your superiors. You are the best!


Ronald H,
Garden City, NJ

I’m so happy that my friend directed me to your website for my new vehicle purchase!
I will never buy from a dealership again. The entire process is so easy.
The customer service is top-notch, with the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.
THANK YOU for making me the happy owner of a new vehicle that I love, and at a great price!

Debbie V

IFS’s Ultimate Test Drive program with Avis/Budget really worked well for us. We recently needed to replace our mid-sized SUV that was totaled in a multi-car winter driving accident at Lake Tahoe. Since we were not in the market for a new car at the time, we needed a good method to get up to speed. After doing a lot of research, we decided to try IFS’s Test Drive program with Avis/Budget. It turned out to be a great way for us to try out cars easily and without any pressure. We also learned the vehicles in the program are in very good condition and well maintained by Avis/Budget. As part of our research, I visited the Regional Avis/Budget Facility and was very impressed. The only mistake on our part was that we assumed the vehicles in the program were out of service and stored in a special lot ready for sale. It turns out the vehicles in the program are actually still in service and available for rent. This makes perfect sense in hind-sight, but it meant we had to wait a few days for a specific vehicle to be available and ready for us to test drive. Due to the logistics of this type of program, which is coordinated from Florida, the overall process takes longer than at a local dealership (days instead of hours), but we actually liked that. Somewhat surprisingly, we ended up buying a Jeep Liberty. As a result of the test drive, we learned to really appreciate the quality and features of this «traditional» Jeep, which was a big hit with the family on our next ski trip to Lake Tahoe.

Ken & Bobbie,
Campbell, CA